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Sipan Island (pronounced Shee-pan) is the largest of the Elaphiti Islands and located only 17km away from Dubrovnik. The main port is Sudurad (pronounced Soodg-er-adg) which is connected by road to Sipanska Luka, a larger settlement, about 5km away.

Pic 1: Sudurad, Sipan Island

Sudurad is a sleepy village stretched along the harbour, dominated by the 16th-century castle of the wealthy Stijepovic-Skocibuha family from Dubrovnik. The two large fortification towers that were built within the complex of two Renaissance summer manors served as a defense against piracy.

Sipanska Luka is very much an active fishing village and, with its well protected harbour, a very popular destination for sailors.

Pic 2: Sipanska Luka, Sipan Island

During the 15th century, Sipan Island was a chic summer getaway for the very best Dubrovnik families, many of whom built palaces on the island. On the road between Sudurad and Sipanska Luka, you can’t miss the late-Gothic Rector’s Palace and ruins of archbishop’s palaces.

Listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the world’s highest ratio of olive trees to inhabitants, Sipan is the perfect place for domestic olive oil & wine tasting in the laid-back ambience of a typical rural household.

Pic 3: Sipan field, Sipan Island

There are an incredible 34 churches on Sipan Island and many of them date back to the middle ages. The most important historical sights are the fortified church of the Holy Spirit, dating from 1577, and the church of St. Stephen, which contains several 15th-century paintings.

The island offers restaurants with traditionally prepared, simple and tasty meals, mainly seafood.

Sipan’s beaches are less exalted than on the nearby Lopud Island but you’ll have no trouble finding a pleasant place to leap into the clear blue sea.