Šipan, the island where the renaissance never ended.

In the south of Croatia, on the beautiful island near Dubrovnik, there is a small fishermen’s village Suđurađ.

Suđurađ – small seaside fishermen’s village

Watching a quite morning in Suđurađ it is hard to imagine the luxury and the power of the place and the island itself in the 16th century, which are illustrated the best by the fact that there are 42 summer residences and 34 churches from that period!
Something has still stayed the same – hedon-ism and peaceful life in harmony with nature. You can sense a breath of the past times at the rebuilt summer residence Stjepović-Skočibuha.

Šipan – island for everyone’s heart

Island Šipan is one of the several Dubrovnik islands – Elafiti. All the islands are distinguished by rich Mediterranean vegetation which comes to the very sea, renaissance summer residences and exceptional peacefulness – the islands are sparsely populated and they are a real paradise for the true lovers of hidden Mediterranean places.
Go by our ship starting from Lopud, and Kalamota, all the way to the town walls of Dubrovnik.


A unique stone town, a heritage town, a museum town or just the Town, as the people of Dubrovnik call it out of love.
The most famous destination on the east coast of the Adriatic, and one of the most beautiful cities in the world is in the very neighbourhood of Island Šipan.


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